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This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Katie Chance-Hilburn who was born in Texas on October 07, 1985 and passed away on November 19, 2001 at the age of 16. We will remember her forever.
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missin you on the anniversity date   / Barbara Hilburn (mom)
hey baby girl it has been 8 years since you have left us it seems like just yesterday as we get ready for the holidays i know that it is your favortie time of the year there is not a day that goes by that i dont think of you thecooking your favortie ...  Continue >>
love ya!!   / Ashley Miller (Cousin)
May god bless you all dearly..Just want you to know i love you and miss you all the time.. Please stay in touch with me..My daddy's there to watch over her now. shes in good hands i promise..
Thinking of you   / Brenda Wendy Forever 21 (MOMS)
Katie, Happy Birthday.. I know today is hard on your mom and the rest of you family.. Send them kisses and hugs, and let them feel your presence, beautiful Angel..Hi Barbara, thinking of you today.. Peace, comfort and hugs,Brendawww.angelfi...  Continue >>
its your birthday   / Barbara Hilburn (mom)
well baby girl today is your birthday we love and miss you dearly we miss you more every day we wish you were here to celebrate this day with you but we know that you are celebrating in heaven watch and take care of all of us because we all need it w...  Continue >>
missing you today  / Barbara Hilburn (mom)    Read >>
Happy Easter  / Donna Robert Mom To Angie-robert (Someone who cares )    Read >>
Thanking About YOU  / Sue Ryder     Read >>
Your beautiful angel  / Sheri Long (passer-by)    Read >>
aNGEL KatiE.........  / PASSERBY .. I. KEEP U. BEUTIFUL (aNGEL IN mY pRAYERS )    Read >>
my sincere condolences  / Krissy (passerby)    Read >>
Another Beauitful Angel  / Diane/ Mom To Angel Jimmy Brozzetti     Read >>
What and angel  / Richelle Pica (A sister who lost her brother )    Read >>
missing u today  / Barbara Hilburn (mom)    Read >>
dear katie  / Sascha Berger (none)    Read >>
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The Life of Katie Ann Chance Hilburn  
Katie was born on october 7, 1985, she was my 1st child,i was so proud of her. Katie's biological dad only was with me til katie was 9 months old. Then katie meet the daddy that loved her and cherished her. She had 4 brothers and 1 sister when i got with my husband Ray and the when she was only a week away from being 2 i had her baby brother garrett - who she called bubba who was born on september 30. She had 6 brothers and 2 sisters before she left us. Katie grew up into a beatiful young women, she was loved by all of her family,she always had a beatiful smile. She was my very best friend, i grew up in a childrens home. I was never close to my mom i always promised my self that i would be close to my kids and i never really had any friends except my beatiful daughter. She became my very best friend and still is to this day. Katie turned 16 on october 7, 2001 we got her a car and she got her license.She was going to school and working she was doing really great . She had a boyfriend named kevin who was the love of her life. She had been dating him since she was 13 years old. And when she turned 16 she wanted to date other people so she started dating a boy named anthony who she had known for a while who she went to school with. It was fixing to thanksgiving holiday,katie loved the holidays, she loved to help her daddy make deviled eggs with the red stuff on it thats what she would call it.It was a sunday she was fixing to go to anthonys to babysit his little brothers and sisters for the weekend before he went out of town for the holiday. So sunday night came around and she wanted to stay over and i said if its okay with your dad, he said, okay she told us she loved us and she would see us in the morning.(But that was the last time she said i love you to us). Around 2am i woke up i knew something was wrong i just didn't know what  i laid back down and around 4:30am there was a knock on the door, the cops said is Barbara Hilburn here and  he said, she is asleep-i heard them at the door(Because i could not sleep). I came to the door he said you need to get to the hospital your daughter is in critical condition i said whats wrong with her, he said, all i can tell you is she s been shot and you need to get to the hospital, and we got dressed and everybody got into the car and on the way to the hospitali called all of her close friends Melissa, rebecca, Nicole,everyone in the family, the pastor, everyone. Once we got their we went to the emergency room, they didn't have her listed as katie chance hilburn, they had her listed as Jane Doe and she was already on the 4th floor of ICU  wheni walked into the room, i fell to my knees, i said no way that's not my daughter, she was bleeding from her head and bandaged up, mouth, nose, ears, the doctor said she had been shot close to the right side, the bullet was lodge in the back of the neck. She would be parilized if she got to live all her friends, family, everyone of her teachers, counselors came up there,katie lived 14 hours, she was on life support, and she was brain dead, so they took her off of life support when they fixing to take her off all of her family and friends were there to say goodbye. It wasn't til the next day that i found out what really happened to my precious baby! Her boyfriends friend picked up a 9mm gun and my daughter was sitting on the end of the bed, and he put the gun to her head and pulled the triger and she fell to the floor, and they used paper towels to clean her up. And they ran outside and told the police it was an accident, and he did not mean to, later found out after court that they had beer, weed, and guns but there was no trace of anything in her blood stream.their all weekend and that anthonys dad bought the gun  for him for his birthdayand the boy who shot my daughter went down for a year in jail and 2 years probation and is now scotch free. theparents of the boyfriendwho bought the gun got off scotch free, and they took precious baby away from me, Ihave no hate for them, but they took something away from that i can never get back. You never get over it, just learn to live with it. I miss you katie we all love you you will always be remembered by everyone you will always be my best friend.

                                   Love mom&family&friends
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